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June 15, 2011

“Home at long last” -or- Goodbye, island life (an epilog of sorts)

strip110I never get tired of that pun! Yes, Watusi is back home safe and sound … which means it’s time for a new adventure to begin! Tune in next time for– if all goes as planned– a new look for Watusi!

Hopefully I won’t take it as far as DC Comics is planning to do…

June 7, 2011

"El final magnífico!" -or- Goodbye, island life (part 7 of 7)


Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this longer-than-I-first-thought-it-would-be adventure! Your comments– and even the silent presence of those of you who haven’t commented– helped keep my enthusiasm going strong. Knowing there are readers waiting for the next episode is a great motivator!

June 1, 2011

“Adios, muchachos” -or- Goodbye, island life (part 6 of 7)


That’s right, our cast is homeward bound at last! Tune in next time to see if I remember how to draw Emmett’s plane…

May 24, 2011

"Second thoughts" -or- Goodbye, island life (part 5 of 7)


Well, if Watusi gets in any more trouble, at least he’ll have some cops around to get him out of it!

May 17, 2011

“Rodrigo’s fate … revealed!” -or- Goodbye, island life (part 4 of 7)


And Rodrigo even got to keep his signature shades, too …

May 11, 2011

"Talk, talk, talk" -or- Goodbye, island life (part 3 of 7)

strip105Hope you all had a great Free Comic Book Day!

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May 3, 2011

“A surprise to come” -or- Goodbye, island life (part 2 of 7)

strip104Goodbye to that cast of characters  … now to check in with Watusi’s friends in the police office…

Oh, and don’t forget about Free Comic Book Day this Saturday!

April 26, 2011

"Taking care of business" -or- Goodbye, island life (part 1 of 7)

strip103That’s one loose end tied off!

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April 19, 2011

"Getting up to speed" -or- Outracing the volcano (part 4 of 4)


… or else I’ll start reprinting the last 60-odd episodes in an effort to build up a backlog of new strips. Check back next time to see which it is!

April 12, 2011

“This is not a test” -or- Outracing the volcano (part 3 of 4)

strip101Great, now Hector and Emmett have to ride back with a dirty dog. He probably smells bad, too …

While I’ve got your attention, I’d like to plug Joel Pfannenstiel’s new art/music challenge blog Visual Audio Club … and not just because I have an entry for the first theme, either. Give it a listen!