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July 21, 2009

“Goodbye Polly, hello Emmett” -or- Mail call (pt. 8 of 8)

“Goodbye Polly, hello Emmett” -or- Mail call (pt. 8 of 8)Let’s hope Watusi’s doe-eyed begging style works on Emmett … or else I’ll have to bring another character into the mix!

July 14, 2009

“Help is on the horizon” -or- Mail call (pt. 7 of 8)

strip010Happy new comic Wednesday! I’m looking forward to another issue of “Wednesday Comics” from DC … and hopefully something unexpected will catch my eye, too!

July 7, 2009

“But wait, there’s MORE!” -or- Mail call (pt. 6 of 8)


Next week: we leave Watusi’s yard (yes, I have got other locations in my repertoire) and start to get this adventure on the road!

July 1, 2009

"Bringing exaggerated overreactions to your comic diet" -or- Mail call (pt. 5 of 8)

strip008The talking pup flashback continues (not to worry, we’ll get back to the present … presently)…

June 24, 2009

"Ah, to be young again" -or- Mail call (pt. 4 of 8)

"Ah, to be young again" -or- Mail call (pt. 4 of 8)Today I am so glad that I’m doing this comic strip, and not my former “Continuity and Vine” strip, where I would have been tempted (obliged?) to make a snide comment about “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. Instead, I get to draw a talking puppy! Hope it makes you as happy as it does me!

June 17, 2009

"Your presence is requested" -or- Mail call (pt. 3 of 8)

strip006Continued next time, when we get away from talking heads by a fence. I promise!

June 11, 2009

"It was in all the papers!" -or- Mail call (pt. 2 of 8)

"It was in all the papers!" -or- Mail call (pt. 2 of 8)Looks like I’m getting this one up a bit later than I’d like … but to compensate, here’s a peek at the new Watusi comic, my first in far too long:

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June 3, 2009

"… and we're off!" -or- Mail call (pt. 1 of 8)

strip004I’m not sure what I’m gonna call this storyline yet (and don’t want to give too much away just yet), but it’s off and running. Hope you enjoy!

– dale.