May 2, 2018

“Like riding a bike”

I suppose if that one doesn’t turn out, there are also spares growing around the farm… if only Minerva had the luxury of time for trial and error!

April 25, 2018

“It’s all up to you”

If “with great power comes great responsibility”, it seems the same could be said about having thumbs!

April 18, 2018


Well… maybe Jack won’t be as helpful to Watusi & Minerva as I thought he would be …

April 11, 2018

“Now you tell me!!”

I bet if Jack Pumpkinhead could blush, he would after being called out by Minerva! Maybe he can find a way to make it up to her…

April 4, 2018

“Back on the ol’ homestead”

I’ll have more story content next episode, but I thought Jack’s farm deserved a good establishing shot. After all, it’s going to be the setting for the next act of our tale…

(P.S. – This double-page spread can be viewed at a larger size if you’re interested– just click on the image.)

March 28, 2018

“Close encounters of the third degree”


March 21, 2018

“Wall of fame”

It seems to me that the Sawhorse is better suited to Jack’s rural home than the Emerald City, but that’s still a hard way to get there!


March 14, 2018

“Of course, Sawhorse!”

More untold (until now) history of Oz next time!

March 7, 2018

“Loaded for … horse?”

Looks like the gang is all back together– here’s hoping that Watusi and the Sawhorse can get along better this time!

February 28, 2018

“I’ll scratch your back…”

Notice how Watusi made himself scarce when there was work to do? Write what you know, they say…