“Splash pad splashdown!”

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All you need to know: readers wanted to see Watusi splash around in the water with the neighborhood kids!

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(* it’s not called “Give the people what they want” for nothing– readers get to vote on the direction the story goes next!)


“Brave new world”

strip622Oh, probably a thing or two…

While this is certainly a more topical ending than I’ll use in any eventual “Watusi in Oz” book collection, it’s one that feels kind of right for the world we have as I finish this storyline up at long, long last. A big thank you goes out to those of you who stuck around for this epic comic adventure that lived up to its “epic” description! Feel free to share your thoughts below, or email me if you don’t want it to be for public consumption…

So, you may ask, what’s next for Watusi & company? What’s next for me? Well, as I wrote back in January, I’m stepping off of this weekly deadline merry-go-round to work more deeply on projects other than this online comic. Of course, since I’m likely to go into Watusi withdrawal, rest assured there will be more canine capers coming in the future! You can find out about those– and whatever else is coming next– in my monthly newsletter; if you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe here

As always, thanks for reading!