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August 9, 2017

“What is this? Oz Idol?”

Well, it may not be Watusi’s big stand-up break, but he’ll soon have a spotlight shone on him all the same…

July 26, 2017

“Like a clown car, only fancier”

At last, the Magistrate is revealed!

(In other news, remember the time I had to post a plain drawing because my studio was shut down? Well, I’ve finally posted the completed & colored strip, if you want to take a look at it…)

July 19, 2017

“A flair for the dramatic”

I see now why they needed the sunglasses! More revelations to come…

I’ve been busy this week finishing up new issues of my Smeary Soapbox Press-ents minicomic series for debut at this Friday’s Memphis Zine Fest! Be sure to stop by and check out this free, all-ages celebration of local talent– bring some dollars, because there’s bound to be at least one zine you can’t go home without! In addition to my new comics, it will also feature the debut of brand new zines from creators at last weekend’s Public Zine Workshop and this week’s Youth Zine Workshop. It should be a blast!

July 12, 2017

“Look for the silver lining”

What?!? “He just likes to” what? It’s just one short week until we can both find out…

I was lucky enough to visit Chicago Comics on my recent trip to the City of Big Shoulders; it’s a great store, conveniently located off the CTA Red Line, so there’s no excuse not to visit if you’re in the area. Plus, they’re nice enough to carry a sampling of Watusi comics! Be sure to tell your friends!

July 5, 2017

“Dinner and a show”

It’s probably a good thing we couldn’t see the look on Kirby’s face when he saw what The HipHoppers were wearing!

June 28, 2017

“You shouldn’t have. You really shouldn’t have.”

Well, at least Kirby won’t look underdressed at the banquet…

June 21, 2017

“The Magisterial Suite”

Well, if you’ve got to cool your heels (and/or paws), this looks like a pretty comfortable place to do so!

June 14, 2017

“The grand parade”

More wonders– and dare I say intrigue?– await our quartet in the Emerald City! Stay tuned…

June 7, 2017

“Fashion eyewear for all!”

It may feel like it’s taken Watusi a long time to set paw in the Emerald City … but he still got there a lot quicker that Dorothy did!

May 31, 2017

“I think I’m going to like it here!”

Sounds like Oz is Watusi’s kind of place! Maybe he won’t go back to Wonder Valley…


By the way, the above episode is a revised strip; it was originally published as this photo of the completely unedited drawing:

So, you may be asking “where’s the color?” “What’s up with this ‘new look’ Watusi?” Well, funny story…

You’ve probably heard about the storms that blew through Memphis last weekend; in my case they also blew down a tree in my neighborhood! While it missed my studio, and all the houses involved, it sheared off the utility pole that services my studio! So, I had to put this week’s strip together as best as I could without power and without most of my usual tools. It gives you a little behind-the-scenes peek at how I put a strip together, as this state is a fairly typical inked page before I do clean up in the production stage.

I once read that cartooning is “the best an artist can do on a deadline”– or in this case, under adverse conditions– and that’s never felt more true to me than this week! Here’s hoping that things will be back to normal in time for the next episode!