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June 8, 2016

“One sunny day at the cemetery”


More familiar faces– and moments of levity, believe it or not– to come…

May 18, 2016

“On the other hand…”


Well, I guess it’s a safe bet who won’t be attending Watusi’s memorial service!

February 24, 2015

“The principal’s office”


Watusi’s certainly had a bad run of luck with this storyline! Maybe he can do something to get Chief Stone on his side …

September 30, 2014

“If you were a cat, you’d get eight more chances”

strip282Looks like Emma’s done just shadowing Watusi!

September 23, 2014

“With great power comes great responsibility”

strip281Somehow I don’t think that was able to correct Watusi’s behavior. Only flashback will tell…

September 16, 2014

“Free and open to (almost) all”


Let’s hope there’s a reason for such rough treatment! Or maybe Watusi just doesn’t have any friends left in Wonder Valley…