“What I ask about when I ask about running”*

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One of the things I’ve been doing during my Watusi retool project is get a better handle on the role his large supporting cast plays, and these “Page in the life of…” strips help me figure out how those characters relate to my title character. I even considered paring the cast down to a “core four” like worked so well for Seinfeld and Spongebob, but realized that my larger cast functions in a different way. Polly, as someone who Watusi would likely see every day, was even in the running (no pun intended) to make the top four! While the next story won’t necessarily reflect it, I intend to make better use of her in the future. Plus, I can see where Watusi’s friendly relationship with his mail carrier would cause other dogs to question Watusi’s real “dogness”, which has some story potential of its own…

Is there any cast member you’d particularly like to see featured in a “Page in the life of…” strip?

*(This post’s title, by the way, owes a debt (and probably an apology) to both Haruki Murakami (whose own thoughts on running partly influenced Polly’s responses) and Raymond Carver.)


“D– T– of the Month Club”

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Yep, it’s another “done in one” episode, this time killing two birds with one stone for me: I tried to shoehorn the ending panel from my “backwards” jam (where I started with the ending, and participants built the story backwards) with a starter to another strip. Not sure how successful this mashup worked, but it was fun to try. The “backwards” starter was the last one (if I recall correctly) I made back during Watusi’s collaborative comic era. Others who’ve attempted it had their comics printed in Watusi # 29 & #38, if you’re curious as to how it worked out for them…

“Getting back to normal”

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While things feel far from normal for me at the moment, at least Watusi’s return to the land of the living is going smoothly!

For those of you who’d like a little peek at my process and plans for my creative work, you can read the compiled results of my reader survey here … and find out how that information will affect my priorities for the year here.

I also have a couple of art events coming up in the next few weeks; if you’re in the Memphis area, I hope you’ll stop in and check them out:

  • The Memphis Arts Collective is hosting a one-day Valentine Extravaganza on February 4 from 10-5 pm at Crosstown Arts (430 N. Cleveland Ave., Memphis, TN). Over 20 MAC members will have special goodies for sale you can share with your loved ones!
  • The opening reception of Nasty Women Memphis, a locally-focused show affiliated with NYC’s Nasty Women art exhibit, is being held at Marshall Arts Gallery in Memphis, February 10 from 6-9 p.m. The show runs February 10-19, 2017.

“The first time”


I can’t tell if the look on my face is me staring at Missus Moses’ hat, or realizing I don’t know what I’ll do without Watusi!

A special thanks to Keith O’Brien, Tom Cherry, and Brien Wayne Powell for allowing their respective characters Samurai Slate, Arlo Wazzo, and Magnet Man to make the trip to Wonder Valley for Watusi’s memorial service. Look for more guests in the weeks to come!

“Crank it up!”

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… and that fluffy strip brings “Dance party on Barker Avenue” to a close! I had originally conceived this story for Bob Corby’s Oh! Comics music issue, but my move-related matters made meeting its deadline impossible; I was glad to use this style experiment as a way to get it finished.

Next week starts a new long storyline; hope to see you then!