“What’d I miss?”

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Watusi might have missed a thing or two while he was splashing around in the water with the neighborhood kids… but you can catch up along with him by reading the rest of this episode of my current interactive* Watusi comic, exclusive for my newsletter subscribers, in my June newsletter (and subscribe to it, if so inclined) …

(* it’s not called “Give the people what they want” for nothing– readers get to vote on the direction the story goes next!)


“Free fallin'” — with guest artist Tom Cherry!

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I’m so glad to feature Tom Cherry‘s drawings this time around (in addition to all the scripting help he’s given me with this run); once again he took my germ of an idea & grew it into a better comic than I could have! I’m lucky that his comics fill me with such a giddy glee … because it would be all too easy to be jealous of his gift for cartooning! Thanks, Tom!