“Far from home”

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If you want to continue this trip down memory lane, you’ll have to dig out your copy of Watusi #19 to read the first appearance of the talking dog of the future! Or you can purchase a copy here.


“It ALL happened”


Hopefully Emmett can come up with something nicer to say about Watusi than Irene thinks he will! This episode is eerily bringing the strip full circle: not only is Watusi’s first major supporting character from this webcomic making a return, but there’s also a snippet from my very first Watusi comic, from way back in the year 2000!

A special thanks to Brian and Skywalker Payne, who made the trip to Wonder Valley all the way from Alaska! Brian writes and draws Zinc Comics, and Skywalker writes and tells stories at Skywalker Storyteller Works. Also on hand is Kel Crum‘s Cornelia Dodson. Thanks for taking part in this memorial service for Watusi– more guests on tap next time!

“Return of the Slime! (Dance Party remix)”


Happy New Year– hope you’re able to kick 2014 off with a dance party of your own!

This is another alternate take on a previously published strip; the version of this comic I finally picked had a drier wit to it, but I’m glad I revisited this “dance party” ending, as I like it more now than I did when I was sketching up possible endings. You can see the one I picked in Watusi #28 (June 2013).

About the contributors: Keith O’Brien makes wonderful postcard comics and blogs about life in Forbidden Falls, Maine. Brien Wayne Powell is the creator of one of my favorite minicomic series of all time, Magnet Man Minicomics; he’s been producing “Boogieland or Bust!” twice a week since 2010.

Best wishes for a happy and productive 2014; I’ll be back next week with the continuation of Watusi’s newest adventure. Hope to see you then!

“Deus ex machina, parte dos”


Thanks again to Matt Levin for playing along with the finale to this story … a story that outlasted not only the Small Press Syndicate’s “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome IV” crossover, but the SPS itself. And even though it took me much longer than I’d planned for it to take, it feels really good to finally get this story out of the way.  There’s still a little production work to finish on the comic, but I hope to have it out in print soon … with more new issues to follow!

Next week in this space we return to the present and a talking dog named Watusi! Hope to see you then…