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July 20, 2016

“Going their separate ways”


Wait, is that who it looks like?!? Really? Well, it’s about time!!!

It’s kinda hard to tell from here, but does Watusi look a little… different? I guess we’ll find out next episode…

In the mean time, I’ve got some other Watusi news that I’m pretty excited to share– get the details here.


July 13, 2016

“Now you know”


Boy, I sure hope Watusi somehow returns soon … because if not, this would be the perfect way to end this strip, wouldn’t it?

A special thanks to Mike Sullivan for rounding out my batch of guest cameos with his Infinity Five members! They can be hard to catch in action, but the best place might be in Virtual Infinity Comics Presents #1 … or in “There’s Something Happening in Crawford, Kansas”— soon to be remastered for release on Patreon. Thanks, Mike!

June 8, 2016

“One sunny day at the cemetery”


More familiar faces– and moments of levity, believe it or not– to come…

February 12, 2013

“Everybody’s a critic”


There’s just no pleasing some audiences…

March 13, 2012

“Backstage after the show” -or- There’s magic in the air (an epilog of sorts)

From the magical to the mundane, it’s all part of the prestidigitation game. Back with a talking dog next time! Here’s another new webcomic for your enjoyment, from a group of local creators: features a new comic six days a week. Wednesdays features the eerie superhero adventures of “The Obelisk”, by Joel Pfannenstiel!

September 29, 2009

“Into the wild blue yonder” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 10 of 10)

strip021Looks like Watusi and Emmett are finally putting Wonder Valley behind them! Time for the real adventure to begin…

September 15, 2009

“Let’s hope there’s not a reason why…” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 8 of 10)


Get your boarding passes ready – we’ll be airborne soon!