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Watusi the Talking dog (the character) is a talking cartoon dog who makes his home in Wonder Valley, the kind of town in which classic characters of children’s fiction (think Encyclopedia Brown or The Three Boys) would feel at home. He has a lot of friends there, but his adventures often take him to exotic locales far from his home.

Watusi the Talking Dog (the comic) began life as an experiment in quick storytelling and a desire to produce an all-ages comic. The idea for the original jam comics came about after Dale had the chance to teach cartooning workshops to jr hi school students, and wanted to come up with a more “hands on” activity for them as a way to complete a comic during a short class session. Contributors drew one panel at a time, building a story in a (more or less) logical manner, without worrying about the whole story or becoming frustrated by a blank page. Fortuitously, this technique also caught on with other cartoonists, who have collaborated on stories by passing pages through the mail which have been collected as issues of a digest comic series. Since these humble beginnings, the Watusi comics have incorporated many of Dale’s other comic characters, becoming an unlikely nexus for stories to form around!