Meet the cast

Okay, here’s your caveat: this is a work in progress page that I hope to flesh out & illustrate more. Until then, you can still find out about Watusi & some of his supporting players. Thanks for reading!

Watusi the Talking Dog is an independent dog about town! He makes his home in Wonder Valley, the kind of town in which classic characters of children’s fiction (think Encyclopedia Brown or The Three Boys) would feel at home. Given that he’s the title character of the strip, it’s a safe bet that you can find him in pretty much any one of the episodes here (well, except for these). He can even be found in episodes flashing back to his puppyhood as Li’l Watusi.

He’s made a lot of friends there, as well as on his occasional forays to the Big City metropolitan area, exotic Isla Esmerelda, and points beyond! Let’s meet some of them, shall we?

  • Professor Harvey, Wonder Valley’s resident inventor is featured most prominently in “Watusi and the Motilizing Reclivator” and “The ghost dog of Wonder Valley”, but he appears in all these episodes. Wherever Professor Harvey is, his trusty lab assistant Mitchell isn’t far behind! While he may not exactly be the brains of the operation, Mitchell has a special sensitivity to how the Professor’s inventions could impact those around them that may just be the conscience of it. For a reason known only to himself (and readers of Watusi #6), Mitchell holds a deep-seated animosity towards Watusi. Find Mitchell in these episodes, including this pitched battle with Watusi! Goat is also likely to be found around the Professor’s lab (and in these episodes); fortunately, Watusi gets along better with him…
  • Two of Watusi’s best friends in Wonder Valley are the cousins Kirby and Emma (who was his main companion in “The case of the purloined pocketwatch”). They often hang around with their friends Chuck and Chester, too…
  • Emma’s father is Wonder Valley police chief Jason Stone. Her mom is recovering lawyer & author Casey Charles.
  • Kirby’s mom, Irene, is Jason’s sister, and works in the bank.

Not all of Watusi’s friends are from the present … or even from Earth, for that matter!

  • W-Tusi25, the talking dog of the future has crossed paths with Watusi more than once, and even had a short solo adventure in this strip!
  • Long before Watusi was the name of a famous talking dog, it was that of the renowned heroic dog of the Victorian era! Unlike the present day’s Watusi, Sir Watusi had a master in young Percy Whifflebottom; together they stopped the plot of the Gaslight Grenadiers, and later … well, that might spoil a story for you, so I’d better just keep quiet…