“The plot thickens” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 14 of 15)

And now you have it – the villain of this adventure is revealed! “Ha ha ha ha ha”, indeed!

11 Comments to ““The plot thickens” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 14 of 15)”

  1. Is it me or am I getting a Phantom Blot-like vibe from that sssinister fellow?


    • That’s right up the alley I was aiming for! Of course, there’s more to be revealed about thisss whole criminal cabal…


  2. It Norcross the ha-ha-hah! Mad!


  3. Yikes! That’s one sinister-looking villain! I had a feeling that Rodrigo has friends in low places.


  4. I think I liked Rodrigo better when I thought he was working alone out of pure greed. This dark cloaked fellow really complicates things.


  5. Interesting way to show the arm and hand against the equally black background. I think I would have done it with lighter highlights on the edges of the limbs in question, and tossed in a few on some of the rest of the costume. Not saying your way doesn’t work, just I woulda done it different. As a matter of fact, if I was doing a solid black costume this way, I probably wouldn’t have drawn the hand in panel 3 and would have lost that extra bit of expressiveness your way imparts.

    Just rambling…


    • Thanks for the comments on the art this time around. I was pretty happy with what was going on in these panels, though I was trying to show the villain in shadow, rather than dressed in black. My work on the Watusi comic has tended to lean toward strong b/w contrasts, and I may have overdone it here.


  6. I think I agree with Daniel – this almost makes Rodrigo look like just a little bit less of a scumball, since it appears maybe he is being controlled/ordered by an even bigger villain. I’m not ready to throw a parade in his honor, by any means.

    Keith’s comments on the artwork were also interesting. I don’t know what I would have done, but I think what you did works.


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