"Time to talk, dog!" -or- Into the depths (part 8 of 13)

Maybe Watusi’s planning to talk the Master to death….


5 Comments to “"Time to talk, dog!" -or- Into the depths (part 8 of 13)”

  1. The opening narration reminded me of Rocky and Bullwinkle for some reason. Plus that Watusi is certainly a plucky little guy!


  2. If the snakes fail, then fleas and ticks should be tried. No dog can hold out long aginst the pure itching that an infestation of fleas would cause. 😉 😀


    • The Master may wish he’d had a pit of fleas & ticks if snakes don’t do the trick … because time may be running out for him to try something else!


  3. ROFL!

    Careful what you wish for… you might just get it!!


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