“A sigh of relief”

Oh my gosh – Watusi survived!! Guess having a site named “Watusithetalkingdog” kinda takes some of the dramatic tension out of a death scene, doesn’t it? Still, I would be interested in hearing what you thought about this storyline; while I plan to have a mix of these shorter stories and longer epics, I’m curious to hear what you readers prefer!

… of course, if you’re attending the Comic Book I-Con this weekend, you can tell me in person! It should be a really fun show, as was last weekend’s Free State Comicon – I’ve posted a few photos from it on Watusi’s facebook page.


12 thoughts on ““A sigh of relief”

  1. Poor Mitchell! It doesn’t look like he’ll be dancing on Watusi’s grave anytime soon! As for your storylines, I think mixing shorter and longer stories is a good idea. Looking forward to the next one! Which one of the supporting cast is going to get put in the spotlight this time around?


  2. I think it’s good to mix it up a bit by having some shorter storylines. The big ones are really great, but it’s nice to have a little break, even as readers!


  3. Glad Watusi is okay! Although I was secretly looking forward to the possibility of having three alternate Watusis & trying to figure out which if any was the real one. Can’t wait to see where Watusi’s next adventure takes him & us!


    1. I was sorely tempted to zombie-ize Watusi as a result of his near-death experience, but I didn’t want this story to drag out too far. Maybe I can come up with a different Halloween storyline…


    1. No more goat trauma for a while – it was comments like this that made me bring the goat back at the end of the story, which added a nice touch to the conclusion.


  4. A nice wrap up. The shorter sequences are nice, but so are the longer ones. Maybe sprinkle in some medium-lengthers as well? Isla Esmeralda was around 80-100 strips, and this one was less than 10. Both are good, and for stories of this quality I’ll always come back, regardless of length or brevity. But maybe sprinkle in some 20-30 episode tales as well. That way you have time to develop the characters a little (which was a big strength of the Isla Esmerelda storyline), and not feel like you’re rushing to the punch line either.


    1. That’s a helpful comment, as the Professor and Mitchell didn’t really get a lot of time/space to develop in this story. I’ll try to build a little more of that into the next long storyline, since I envision cameos for many of the Wonder Valley cast!


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