“On the move”

Maybe not the most picturesque tour of Wonder Valley, but with his head blocked by a bag I guess it doesn’t make that much difference to Watusi’s companion anyway…By the way, did you know that December 1st is “Draw Hiram Lodge Day“? According to my friend and Double Dip co-conspirator Tom Cherry it is! Look for my own attempt on Thursday over at http://www.smearysoapboxpress.com, but until then, here’s a little something to get you in the spirit of the event (courtesy of Larry’s Kitchen #37/APA-5 #327 (March 2002))…

[Thursday update: find my Hiram Lodge drawing here]


4 Comments to ““On the move””

  1. I dig Waterfall Park! And thanks for the plug for “Draw Hiram Lodge Day”! I look forward to seeing your attempt! Another thanks for posting the Gordon-Lodge connection! It’s so obvious and correct! I guess that means Gary Oldman should be the prime Lodge candidate if that ARCHIE movie ever gets made!


  2. Thanks! I’ve been spending a fair amount of time developing Watusi’s hometown lately; look for more glimpses to come!

    I’m looking forward to “Draw Hiram Lodge Day”– it should be a lot of fun; hopefully some of my readers will be inspired to join in, too…


  3. I thought it was cool that Waterfall Park had a covered bridge – although being inside the bridge would cut down on the view of the waterfall. Maybe it has big open windows on that side, which we couldn’t see anyway. (I like covered bridges, and have spent most of my life living just one county away from the famous Madison County of movie fame, but I’ve never been there to see any of those bridges.)


    • The Waterfall Park has a lot more than a covered bridge, but I needed to zoom in a bit here. The bridge is covered to keep people dry, but there are viewing windows. I thought a covered bridge would be a picturesque inclusion, even if I have little personal experience with them…


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