“Someone has a big mouth”


I guess Watusi isn’t the only one who’s gotten their day off to a rocky start…

7 Comments to ““Someone has a big mouth””

  1. I would be shouting it to the world too if something like that happened to me! This looks like a job for Rocket Rockne! Sorry, just had to throw that out there!


  2. Yell louder Watusi! Yell louder!


  3. Carl IS wearing his lucky “7” shirt… haha

    Moving along really well. That first double-panel spread looks really nice.


    • It’s continuing my trend of comic & music-related tees for Carl’s wardrobe. It’ll be a while before I have to come up with another one …


  4. oh yeah! that double panel is nice. i knew there was a larger feel to this one. good one dale!….billy


    • Glad you liked it– seems like I’ve been skimping on backgrounds lately, but there’s not a lot I can do about that right now. And as to the “larger feel”, that’s been my plan from the beginning– we’ll be spending time with the rest of the characters from that first act as the story moves along…


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