“Easy access”

strip258It’s time to put on your game face, alright … looks like a confrontation’s right around the corner!

6 Comments to ““Easy access””

  1. Always be nice to a device. That’s my motto! Glad Watusi is getting close… or at least he thinks he is! Can’t wait to find out! Thanks for another great comic strip Dale!


  2. Uh oh! Watusi looks a little cocky in that last panel. This isn’t going to end good.


  3. Love seeing all of the Professor’s alternative energy sources and other gadgets. Looking forward to the next episode!


    • Thanks! I’m pretty happy with the Professor’s lab– I wanted to make it look like one of his inventions! It won’t be in this storyline (probably the next), but I do have plans to include a cutaway of his lab ala the occasional peeks inside the Baxter Building or Titans Tower. Including all the subterranean levels…


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