“(Un)signed, sealed, delivered”


Well, that’s one way to deliver a message!

Another way is to get each week’s Watusi strip delivered directly to your inbox each time one is posted; just sign up via the “Hungry for more?” link on the right hand sidebar.

If you’d like to be on my own mailing list– which includes a link to the strip, as well as details on my print releases or convention appearances– you can sign up for it here. Thanks!

6 Comments to ““(Un)signed, sealed, delivered””

  1. Does Watusi have his own yard? Or does he live in somebody else’s? If it’s his, is there a regular house there, or just his dog house? Is he allowed to own property?


    • Yep, it’s all his, and just his house is in the yard. Well, and the tree full of pesky squirrels that you’d see a lot more of if this was a gag-a-day strip…


  2. hmmm. that’s a good point! i can’t recall seeing watusi’s owners before. will they make an appearance in this years toon, dale?…..b


    • Watusi is an emancipated dog, so he doesn’t need any owners. He gets by with a little help from his friends with thumbs!
      I have made notes for a flashback story where Watusi gives being a pet a try, tho; maybe I’ll get it into finished form someday…


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