“(Un)signed, sealed, delivered”

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Well, that’s one way to deliver a message!

Another way is to get each week’s Watusi strip delivered directly to your inbox each time one is posted; just sign up via the “Hungry for more?” link on the right hand sidebar.

If you’d like to be on my own mailing list– which includes a link to the strip, as well as details on my print releases or convention appearances– you can sign up for it here. Thanks!


6 thoughts on ““(Un)signed, sealed, delivered”

  1. Does Watusi have his own yard? Or does he live in somebody else’s? If it’s his, is there a regular house there, or just his dog house? Is he allowed to own property?


    1. Yep, it’s all his, and just his house is in the yard. Well, and the tree full of pesky squirrels that you’d see a lot more of if this was a gag-a-day strip…


  2. hmmm. that’s a good point! i can’t recall seeing watusi’s owners before. will they make an appearance in this years toon, dale?…..b


    1. Watusi is an emancipated dog, so he doesn’t need any owners. He gets by with a little help from his friends with thumbs!
      I have made notes for a flashback story where Watusi gives being a pet a try, tho; maybe I’ll get it into finished form someday…


        1. Maybe it’s just wish fulfillment on my part, but I can’t bear to see Watusi tied down with a day job! Not to mention the fact that with this storyline I think he’s alienated all of his potential clients…


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