“Dig in!”

Yes, like many dogs, Watusi has no self control!


6 thoughts on ““Dig in!”

    1. Well, I see I haven’t done a very good job of hiding my source material! I hope it’s not a sign of running creatively dry, but that’s the frame I’m hanging this plot on …


    1. Thanks! I was happy with a lot of these drawings (Professor Harvey in panel one, not so much) …


  1. Another good strip, Dale! The Professor looks very determined in panel 2, but by panel 4 he looks like he’s struggling to keep up with Watusi. This may have a tortoise and the hare ending, though, since the Motilizing Reclivator (I love how that name sounds!) doesn’t have to worry about its stomach getting full. Then again, never underestimate Watusi.

    The font info last week was interesting, thanks. I like the large first letters you did in each panel this week – it looks good, and different. It helped me to not notice at first that there was no actual dialogue by either character this week. Clearly both Prof. Harvey and Watusi were WAY too focused to take the time to talk. I thought it worked well.


    1. I’m not sure how much dialog will happen during this contest– I’m working towards more active narration with this sequence, but your comment also gives it a logical reason: they’re just too busy to talk!


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