“Teebo’s machinations– revealed!” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 14 of 15)

Pretty crafty, that Teebo! Sounds like nothing could go wrong with such a well-laid plan…


7 thoughts on ““Teebo’s machinations– revealed!” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 14 of 15)

    1. Well, if something doesn’t wake Watusi up soon, I don’t think you have anything to worry about, Teebo!


    1. Thanks! I’d been looking forward to getting to this point for a while now, and I think it worked out pretty well.


  1. That second panel especially was well-done. I’ll be curious to see which of the many possible accidents will occur to put a whole in Teebo’s “alibi.”


    1. Thanks! You pretty much nailed down Teebo’s scheme last week; good job!

      In a way I’m disappointed when readers can tell where I’m going before I get there. But, and ultimately more gratifying, it’s great that they are so invested in the characters and the story that they think about the comic beyond just that week’s four panels.

      So thanks for crackin’ Teebo’s scheme!


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