“Everything’s turning up lemons”


How will this Sour Puss deal with this turn of events? Only time– and future episodes– will tell…


10 Comments to ““Everything’s turning up lemons””

  1. Does the poor kitty have mange on his head? Maybe that’s why he’s in such ill humor.

    And his head is shaped like a lemon. Hmm…


  2. Now that Mike has pointed it out, Sour Puss’s head kind of reminds me of the Lemon Heads candy mascot’s head. Wonder if Sour Puss will think Watusi is trying to use reverse psychology, or if the cat’ll be satisfied with only irritating one person if that person is a dog?


  3. But where is that cat getting his lemons? And how many times does he have to haul them up and down the water tower? Just how many lemons do you need to effect one town’s water supply? Several tons? Who’s bankrolling this cat? Will we ever meet Sour Puss’s British cousin, Limey Lynx? Where’s the elusive mayor of Wonder Valley when you need him/her?


    • So many great questions, so many likely to go unanswered. And while the mayor won’t be appearing, we will meet another city employee who will play a key part in this story very soon….


  4. When life gives you lemons, taint the town’s water supply! Love the name Sour Puss! Looks like Watusi & the bad kitty both have problems to solve! Can’t wait to see how this turns out!


  5. Cats… hmmm… could there be some other cat theme on the horizon from Dale???


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