“An eyewitness?”


This episode was a tough one to draw. Showing Roscoe behind a chain link fence without obscuring him was harder than I thought it would be! Let me know if it works for you, or if you have a better suggestion how to show it…


8 thoughts on ““An eyewitness?”

    1. Good to hear– I’m pretty happy with the fourth panel, but it was about the third version of trying to get the fence to work. Glad this will be a short scene!


  1. I enjoyed ‘hearing’ Watusi speak in his, uh, native tongue. & I think you did a good job handling your fence problem. In fact I think you will have absolutely no trouble if you ever need to tell a ‘Watusi’s Cage Match’ story! Can’t wait to find out what Roscoe saw!


  2. I found it irritating (aimed at me, not you) that you obscured the sign in panel 2 with dialogue. I couldn’t remember if the sign would tell me where Roscoe was.

    Fences are difficult and panel 4 was good. You managed to convey depth well. But I’m sure you knew that.


    1. That’s a good comment– I tend to jam my word balloons to the top of the panel, and this was a case where the sign would have been a good reminder. It was a long time ago that we last saw this space, and a stronger connection would have been helpful…


  3. Yeah, 4th panel was good, 2nd so-so. I thought that Roscoe was sticking his head through a hole in the fence, and the word balloons seemed deliberately high to block the sign.


    1. Thanks– drawing a fence texture over smaller characters (while still making them visible) was hard. It does look like a hole as a result. It seems like I’ve got some reworking to do for this sequence before any print collection…


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