“Closing the book on the case?”


Well, you didn’t have to be so literal about it, Delores!


7 thoughts on ““Closing the book on the case?”

    1. Welcome back! They’re not moving as fast as I’d like, either, but until I can manage more than one strip a week…


  1. Perhaps Watusi should hire a private eye to help with the case. I’m sure Emmett Elder could lend him a hand and besides we haven’t seen the old man for a long time!


    1. Watusi’s determined to take the lead on this one. Though he will end up with a partner (not saying who just yet) eventually…


  2. You have to admire Watusi’s persistence, even if the police are already tiring of it. I can’t blame Watusi for wanting his personal property returned. I’m just looking forward to finding out who took it & what the inscription says.


  3. Another nice strip. I’m not even going to try to guess who will become Watusi’s partner in crime prevention. Nice logo for the Wonder Valley police building. (I don’t recall if we’ve seen this before.) It kind of looks like an upside-down Monopoly house. (And the W could be Marvel’s old “M” logo from the 90s.)


  4. Glad you liked the logo; this is the first time I’ve used it. I’ve been kind of faking my way around the patch on the police uniforms, but I think WV logo is the way to go…


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