“Too good to be true”


But how will Watusi’s reality measure up to his dreams?

6 Comments to ““Too good to be true””

  1. Hey almost tricked me that time. I thought I’d missed something.


  2. Nice dream! Of course, he loves his watch now, but will he remember it in the next storyline?


  3. almost got me dale!! i wasn’t sure what happened there until i remembered the much deserved nap! sorry watusi…keep dreaming! you’re not through this until dale says so!!!…billy


    • I’d originally planned for the 4-panel dream sequence to be a single 4-panel episode … but I had to help smooth out the transitions between a few of the panels leading in and out of it, so that’s why this strip started out in such an ambiguous way. But given the response you and Skywalker had, I think it worked out okay!


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