“Oh, yes, please!”


Oh, that Watusi! He can be such a charming manipulator when it’s called for!

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4 Comments to ““Oh, yes, please!””

  1. Watusi better be careful what he wishes for – he might not like Vivi’s story as much as he thinks. I’m guessing the watch was a gift from a former boyfriend who broke her heart. The Bea Arthur vibe that Tom Cherry mentioned for Vivi is especially strong in panel 4, and I like the background effect of the black fading in as well. The look on Watusi’s face in panel 3 is also good, as he puts on his best “aw, come on, pretty please …” face.


    • Thanks; I was pretty pleased with how those last two panels turned out. And you’re getting warm about the story behind the watch. Not quite right, though…


  2. I’m hoping Vivi’s secret past involves a stint in the roller derby. Or maybe she dated Stilts!


  3. I think this story has veered into more serious territory than Stilts would fit into. I’ll try to slip him into the next storyline …


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