“Oh, yes, please!”


Oh, that Watusi! He can be such a charming manipulator when it’s called for!


4 thoughts on ““Oh, yes, please!”

  1. Watusi better be careful what he wishes for – he might not like Vivi’s story as much as he thinks. I’m guessing the watch was a gift from a former boyfriend who broke her heart. The Bea Arthur vibe that Tom Cherry mentioned for Vivi is especially strong in panel 4, and I like the background effect of the black fading in as well. The look on Watusi’s face in panel 3 is also good, as he puts on his best “aw, come on, pretty please …” face.


    1. Thanks; I was pretty pleased with how those last two panels turned out. And you’re getting warm about the story behind the watch. Not quite right, though…


  2. I think this story has veered into more serious territory than Stilts would fit into. I’ll try to slip him into the next storyline …


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