“Crank it up!”

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… and that fluffy strip brings “Dance party on Barker Avenue” to a close! I had originally conceived this story for Bob Corby’s Oh! Comics music issue, but my move-related matters made meeting its deadline impossible; I was glad to use this style experiment as a way to get it finished.

Next week starts a new long storyline; hope to see you then!


4 thoughts on ““Crank it up!”

  1. I hope Polly’s actions don’t get reported. Some people LIVE to report “misconduct” by any government employee.

    I very much like your new varying line width on the art. It makes it have greater depth.


    1. Thanks; I was pleased with how this sequence looked, too. I’m hoping to keep a little of the polish of this storyline in the next one…


    1. He’ll be there, but not in a pivotal role. At the risk of [SPOILER ALERT] spoiling things, that’s going to be by someone we haven’t seen since early in the strip…


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