“Deus ex machina, parte dos”


Thanks again to Matt Levin for playing along with the finale to this story … a story that outlasted not only the Small Press Syndicate’s “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome IV” crossover, but the SPS itself. And even though it took me much longer than I’d planned for it to take, it feels really good to finally get this story out of the way.  There’s still a little production work to finish on the comic, but I hope to have it out in print soon … with more new issues to follow!

Next week in this space we return to the present and a talking dog named Watusi! Hope to see you then…


6 thoughts on ““Deus ex machina, parte dos”

    1. Glad you liked it. In order to wrap everything up in the space of a print comic, both parts of this storyline ended up feeling really rushed to me … especially after getting used to the more open-ended flexibility of this format. I’m looking forward to returning to that with next week’s episode…


  1. I have to admit I’m sorry to see W-Tusi leave the strip for a bit. He’s a fun character in his own right and his time period is ripe for potential stories. I’m going to miss the liitle guy, but I’m looking forward to Watusi’s new adventure!


    1. Needless to say, I’ve got a couple of other stories in mind for W-Tusi. And I’m glad you won’t object to seeing him show up again, since the next time he’s in the strip it’ll be for Watusi’s (2nd) visit to the 26th century!

      But since there needs to be some time (no pun intended) to buffer between those appearances, I have to write some of those stories first … starting next week!


  2. One or more of the more interesting prisoners could follow behind W-Tusi to cause some trouble if you wanted to explore their stories…


    1. That’s an interesting idea, but not what I have in mind for either W-Tusi25 or the denizens of the “Rock”. Or something I have time for in the short term. When that changes– and it will– rest assured that you’ll hear about it here!


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